AC Costs HOW MUCH?!!!

I believe people by and large can be pretty smart, but every once in a while I'm greeted with a healthy metaphorical punch in the face when someone casually shows me just how little they know about a particular topic.

This came about due to a recent move, where I was inspired to work on a project to cool our new apartment without relying strictly on air conditioner. Living in Florida, this can be kind of tough, but I kept noticing it was actually pretty pleasant at night, especially if there was a breeze. The roommates tend to like it around 76° when they get home, but usually I can get away with setting it to 78° after ten pm.

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If You’re Not Investing, You’re Losing Money Right Now

Investing has always been something I’ve been curious about, but one of the biggest struggles just to get the ball rolling is this fear that you can lose all your money. I think a lot of popular media parrots this idea – stores of investors losing everything, elderly couples struggling after their life savings just ‘disappears’ overnight, or other similarly drastic stories. Logically I knew these were dramatizations or extremely rare events, but I could also see them impacting my actions, staying my hand one day at a time from getting some kind of account set up.

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